The “Yuge” Losers of This Election

This election season was totally insane. Donald Trump’s highly unorthodox campaign strategy won him the nomination of the Republican party. No one thought he would actually win the election after constantly hearing how impossible it would be by the mainstream media, and the chaos soon followed his victory. Here are the losers that are losing “BIGLY” because of this election.

The Mainstream Media (MSM)

The MSM could be the single biggest loser of this election. Most media outlets showed major bias and did their best to push the narrative that Hillary was guaranteed to win. Here even has the New York Times admitting their bias and vowing to rededicate themselves to doing better journalism.  The reason they are losers is because of their disregard to real journalism and their tendency to push leftist ideals onto people. With Trump winning their credibility is taking a major hit.

The polls

The polls will be taking a huge hit after this election cycle. This election cycle turned out to have some of the most inaccurate polling of all time. This could be because of a lot of polling is done by the MSM with their leftist agenda. This leftist agenda from the MSM could lead to misleading framing of the questions to garner specific answers. Another possible flaw with having a biased agenda is that people may not want to be honest with the poller and just answer the question the way they think they should answer. Another major reason that the polling was so wrong is some of the main techniques used to get the sample, such as; Random Digit Dialing (RDD). RDD is flawed because it is simply out of date because not a lot of people have landline telephones anymore because of the major use of cell phones. Whatever the reason they came up wrong, BIGLY. The inaccuracy of the polls fooled a lot of people, including the Clinton campaign which this article said was so confident that they begin to pop open the champagne of the plane early Tuesday. This article from The Telegraph states that a little over 90% of the Real Clear Politic polls were wrong in the last two months of the election. The future of polling is likely to take a major hit because of this election and they will have a hard time regaining credibility.

Obama’s legacy

Obama’s legacy was fully banked on Hillary winning the election. Not only did she lose but the democrats didn’t win over the house or the senate either. So with that and the prospect of a more conservative supreme court, some of the more controversial parts of Obama’s legacy will be cut out. One being Obamacare, which has become nearly unaffordable for everyone, with average premiums up over 22% already according to CNN. While Trump has said that some parts will be kept, most of the Affordable Care Act will most likely be repealed. Another thing that will likely take a hit is the Iran deal, TPP, and NAFTA. Trump has constantly referred to all of them as the worst deals ever made in history and is likely to either kill or renegotiate them.

Left-wing Ideals

Left-wing ideals could get mangled pretty good over the next four years. Under complete Republican control and with a more conservative Supreme Court we could see loads of left-wing principles that we have had pushed on us, rolled back. One is religious persecution. Over the last decade, we have seen Christianity being made the enemy in America and a more conservative Supreme Court could change this quick. Such a court could guarantee to keep or even gain us more religious liberty in the foreseeablele future. Another is gun control. With a Republican-dominated government, gun control is likely to be put off and could even lead to the end of a lot of gun-free zones. Where, as states, over 98% of public mass shootings happen. Last but not least, abortion. Trump has constantly said that if he wins that he will only appoint Supreme Court justices that are against abortion and judging by his Supreme Court justice list, he meant it. Trump’s aspirations are most likely to overturn Roe v Wade which will then send abortion laws to state governments.

Never Trumpers

The never Trumpers are also pretty big losers of this election and will likely come to face with their actions eventually. Some like, Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE) and Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) are at the front of this bus and led a counter attack against Trump since the primaries. Now obviously Trump will not punish them or anything but being a part of the opposition in states that Trump won BIGLY will obviously not help their re-election campaigns. Another one is Evan McMullin, who was running for president in hopes of winning his home state to keep Trump from winning. Trump garnered over double the votes of McMullin so he will most likely continue to be irrelevant in the near future.

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This article was orignally published at The Rouser.


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